News & Update

  • - At the moment (2018), the construction of Phase One under TOR Agreement is underway, which is the following:

  • - extension of the platform from 360 meters to 420 meters, enhancing the potential to accommodate large cruises, with the capacity of 1,000 – 3,000 passengers, together with cargo ships;

  • - investment in the construction and renovation of passenger terminal building two, in order to be able to accommodate over 1,000 tourists using the services provided at the same time.

  • - The first terminal building, with the area of 900 square meters, is a one-story building. The interior of the building consists of a lobby for passengers, a zone for shopping stores, souvenir shops, food and beverage stores, CIQ for customs officers, immigration counters, baggage screening, as well as duty-free shops, and an area for the government agencies, with at least one room provided for each sector.

  • - The on going of pontoon renovation and extension is on progress, and will be finished by end of 2018*.

  • - The new pontoons will be ready to serve local ferry passengers as well as yachts, and cruises anchors in harbor and transfer passengers to mainland by tender boat.