About us

Phuket Deep Sea Port is located on the western seaboard of Thailand on the Andaman Sea at Latitude 07O 49' N., Longitude 98O 24.30' E. It stands at Makham Bay which is on the eastern coast of Phuket Island. The 26 hectares facility features two berths with an annual capacity of 400,000 tons. The port is used primarily for exports of MDF wood products and rubber and is a major destination for cruise, ships and travel cruise line. The port is leased to a single private operator and falls under the Treasury Department, the Ministry of Finance.

The government has undertaken the construction Phuket Deep Sea Port in order to achieve the export and import of the cargoes south of Thailand such as Rubber, MDF board and Frozen seafood e.g. The Phuket Deep Sea Port Co., Ltd. managements and maintenances of the port facility is on the shore side such as Docks, Cargo yard, Roads, Utilities and Other. The harbor department manage harbor maintenance and the sea side such as buoys, Channel and Other.

The further expansion project of the facilities will spur the growth of international cruise tourism industries.